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The time required from receipt of a Confirmed Customer Acknowledgement and its production requirements (COM [Customer Owned Material], SFA [Sample for Approval], DFA [Drawing for Approval]) to product delivery.


A drawing or sketch of a custom product provided to a Customer by ROBICARA or Represented Vendor. Drawings typically illustrate significant product dimensions and product structure. See “Drawing For Approval.”


A drawing of a custom Item that is provided to a Customer by ROBICARA for approval prior to production. The drawing illustrates significant product dimensions and product structure.


A finish sample provided to a Customer by ROBICARA for approval prior to production


Leather purchased by a Customer and sent to ROBICARA or Represented Vendor to be applied to Make To Order product.


Fabric purchased by a Customer and sent to ROBICARA or Represented Vendor to be applied to Make To Order product.


An additional fee charged to a Customer when a Sales Order’s specification is changed or an Order is cancelled. All goods are custom made to order specifications. orders are not cancelable after five (5) working days, nor returnable. changes in orders, returns or cancellations require prior written approval from manufacturer. such orders will be subject to change, cancellation or stocking fees up to 50% of the net selling price.


The selling price of a product charged to a trade professional, i.e. designer, architect, or Specifier, by a Showroom.’ “Net Price” is also referred to as “Designer Discount Price”


The charge billed to a Customer for shipping product to a ship-to address.
Please note that when “Freight included on the price to the nearest Port means that entry taxes custom, insurance, handling, Federal Fish & Wildlife entry ( where applicable ), delivery to final destination are NOT INCLUDED”.


A Customer-specified shipping location where the product will be received and inspected before final delivery at the installation site.


An invoice sent to a Customer to collect the balance due on a Sales Order.
A BDN reflects all of the activity against a Sales Order, including the total Order amount and all payments made by the Customer.
Balance due before shipping from factory.


Delivery of goods to carrier shall be deemed delivery to Buyer, and thereupon title to such goods, and risk of loss or damage, shall be Buyer’s. Any claim by Buyer against Manufacturer or carrier for shortage or damage occurring prior to such delivery must be made in writing within seventy-two (72) hours after receipt of shipment and accompanied by original transportation bill signed by the carrier noting that the carrier received the goods from Manufacturer in the conditions claimed. All deliveries are subject to the accompanying Freight Receiving Rules.


Our warranty is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase and covers all manufacturing defects. The warranty period enters force from the date printed on your receipt or sales slip. You may be asked to present proof of purchase when requesting service.
The warranty is non-transferable and is valid only for the original purchaser. It covers repair or replacement of unusable or defective parts free of charge during the warranty period after inspection and acceptance by Robicara or its agent.

Natural variations in the color of the wood, changes in color under ambient or artificial light, slight variations in dimensions owing to high humidity or dry conditions and the grain of wood, knots or other natural characteristics of wood products are not covered by the warranty.
As to suede and leather, occasional natural marks, wrinkles, changes in brightness and tone, specks and slight imperfections folds due to extension after regular use, are not considered defects but are the distinctive traits of natural and authentic products.

The warranty excludes damage resulting from careless or incorrect furniture installation, potential damage from accidents such as that resulting from a fall, impact, natural disaster, fire and, in any case, all defects that cannot be attributed to defects in the manufacture of the product. Moreover, the warranty is not valid if our products are disassembled, modified or repaired by anyone other than authorized Robicara personnel. Damage due to poor upkeep or improper use of the product are not considered defects of manufacture.